DMZ and Information Commons Computer Areas Are Closed

The DMZ (Digital Media Zone) and the Information Commons computer labs on the lower level of the library will be closed due to remodeling and asbestos abatement.

The DMZ and Information Commons will be closed from today through August 29th.

Please use the computers in the Reference Commons Area and in the three computer labs on the first floor, labs 1004 B  (Mac), 1004 C (PC), and 1004 D (PC).  We have printers in all of these areas, including color printers in lab 1004B.  If you need video editing or graphic design software (i.e. Final Cut, InDesign, etc.), please use the Macs in Room 1014 on the first floor, just past the Reference Room.  The Macs that were  previously located in the DMZ graphics lab are currently available for use in Room 1014.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we’re looking forward to reopening the DMZ and Info Commons in a new space on the library’s first floor in the Fall.

Reference computing area

Please use the Reference Area Computers, First Floor. You can also use our classroom labs: Room 1014, 1004 B,1004 C, & 1004 D


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