Staying Sane (and Safe) During Finals

It’s the last couple weeks of the semester.  The Library is open late, and you’re planning to hunker down in a study carrel for a long night.  It’s a stressful time of year for everyone, but here are some tips that can help you make it to the end:

1.  Don’t be shy–Ask Us for help!  Librarians are here to help you at the reference desk, on the phone, and by email. You can also Text Us at (914) 873-1711 or chat online with a librarian 24 hours a day, using Ask Us 24/7 chat.

Got writing questions?  The Learning Center in the Student Services Building has writing tutors who can help!

2. Take breaks:  Make sure you get up to stretch, take a quick walk, or revive yourself with snacks from the library vending machines.  Unwind by browsing our DVD, CD, Graphic Novels or Popular Reading collections on the First Floor.

3.  Don’t leave your laptop unattended:  If you take a break, make sure you take all your valuables (phones, laptops, wallets) with you.  Theft can happen within seconds.  Why take the risk?  Never leave your personal property unattended in the library.

4.  Save, save, save:  There’s nothing worse than losing hours of work on a 15 page paper because you forgot to save.  Save your work every 10 minutes or so.  If you’re using a Library computer, never save your project to the desktop–it will disappear when you log off!  Use a combination of methods like these:

  1. Save to a USB drive
  2. Email your project to yourself once per hour
  3. Go to the Cloud! Use a program like Dropbox or Google Docs to save your stuff online. (It’s free, secure, and accessible from anywhere!)

5.  Be respectful:  We all get stressed at finals, but try to be courteous to your peers studying around you.  This means respecting the Quiet Zones on the Second Floor, Lower Level (Basement), and Computer Lab 1004D.  This also means cleaning up your scrap paper, coffee cups, snack wrappers and other trash.

Help us keep the tradition of 24/5 Hours alive for future semesters!


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