Get in the zone during 24/5: Choose Silent, Quiet, or Group Study Zones

images of silent, quiet, and groyp study zone circles

The Library is Open 24/5, which means it can get pretty noisy  pretty quickly!

That’s why we need YOUR help to keep the Library comfortable for yourself and your peers during our extended hours.  

Due to student demand, the Library instituted Study Zones this Fall.  The building is divided into three color-coded areas by noise level: Group Study (orange), Quiet Study (yellow), and Silent Study (blue)The rules and locations of each zone are clearly posted in each space, but please refer to our Study Zone FAQ for full details.

When classes are not held there, Computer Labs 1004B (Mac) & 1004C (PC) are Silent Labs.  If you need to work on a collaborative project or a video/music editing project, please use the computers in the DMZ,  Lab 1004D, or the Reference Area.

Cellphone calls are permitted in the Group Study areas only and should be kept at a low volume and short duration.

Headphones can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk, if you need to watch a loud movie or listen to music in the library.

You can review the Library’s noise policy and locate your preferred study zone on our Library Map.

Library staff will amp up the enforcement of noise policy during Finals Week, but we can’t do it alone!

We need everyone in the Purchase community to respect each other  and help keep the Library a clean, peaceful, and comfortable place to study during Finals Week.

If you encounter a noise problem, please tell a librarian or Text Us at (914) 873-1711.  Tell us where you are, describe the problem, and a library staff member will come to handle the issue.


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