Final(s) Countdown: De-stress with fun study breaks @ the Library

It’s 24/5, the last week of classes, the Countdown to Finals Week!  Feeling stressed yet?  The Library’s Final(s) Countdown activities can help you relax, de-stress, and power through your end-of-the-year exams and papers.

According to the New York Times, studies show “taking regular breaks from mental tasks improves productivity and creativity.”   During the last week of classes, you can send a postcard home, play board games with friends, relax with yoga, design a button from recycled book jackets, get zen with origami, or fuel yourself with free coffee and bagels at the Library.

With help from the Wellness Office and ResLife, the Library brings you these fun finals week study breaks:


Can’t view the image above? Here’s what’s happening during the Library’s Countdown to Finals:

Board Games
Chill with friends & play Scrabble, Chess, Checkers, Uno, Chutes & Ladders, Cards, and other games.
Monday, April 29–
Friday, May 03
The 2012 Lounge
Make a Postcard!
Send a postcard to friends or family. You write the note &  address, we will cover the postage and do the mailing.
Monday, April 29–
Friday, May 03
Entrance to DMZ &
The 2012 Lounge
Free Coffee from Vending
Enjoy free coffee and hot chocolate from the new Wolfgang Puck vending machine.
Monday, April 29 and
Tuesday April 30
All day– from 7a.m. Monday until 7a.m. Wednesday
The 2012 Lounge
Relax and de-stress with Yoga sponsored by the Wellness Office.
Wednesday, May 01
Starts at 9pm
Library Lower Level
by the Writers Center & TLTC
Make a Button!
Design & press your own badges using recycled book covers & your own creativity.
Tuesday, April 30 and Thursday, May 03
12pm to 3pm
In front of
Reference Desk
Unwind with the traditional Japanese art of paper folding.
Wednesday, May 01
3pm to 5pm
Friday, May 03
12pm to 2pm
In front of
Reference Desk
Free Coffee & Bagels
Generously sponsored by ResLife.
Sunday, May 12
Begins around 10pm
The 2012 Lounge

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