New PCs and Wifi Routers Coming to the Library

This week, CTS has been hard at work bringing many software and hardware upgrades to the Library’s computer labs.

Starting August 12th, CTS began upgrading the wifi in the Library.  By Wednesday evening, all floors of the Library will be upgraded. The improvements, which include brand new routers, mean that the wifi signal will be faster, stronger, and easier to access.  

With the upgrade, we will no longer be using the old wireless network SSIDs, PurchaseWireless and PurchaseVisitor.  The new networks are… [drum roll, please!]

  • PurchaseWifi:  Purchase College students, faculty, and staff should choose the PurchaseWifi network and log in with your Purchase email username and password.  You only need to log in once, and you no longer need to download any special software to get on the wifi.  You should have immediate access once you enter your Purchase credentials.
  • PurchaseGuest: Visitors and guests to campus should choose PurchaseGuest and log in with the password Purvisit2080!  This password will change on a monthly basis, so be sure to check with a Reference Librarian or Circulation Supervisor for the current password.

In addition, CTS is reimaging all the Macs and PCs in the Library this week.  That means they’re cleaning up our computers and upgrading the software.  Library users might find one or more computer labs closed at various times this week, but we ask for your patience and that you please move to an available lab.

Finally, we are happy to announce that the Library is getting brand new HP computers in Lab 1004C and the Reference Area to replace our aging Dells.  We’re excited to start the Fall semester with some fresh, new PCs.   Please bear with us this week and next as CTS moves and replaces the Reference Area and 1004C computers.

We recommend using the DMZ, 1004B, or 1004D labs during the replacement and upgrade process.  Your patience is appreciated!

wifi image from 4.bp.blogspot.comimage of computer under construction from


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