Faculty / Staff Workshop: Mobile Technology: Buying Guide to the Newest Tablets, Gadgets and Phones, Thursday, April 17 @12:30

The Library and TLTC invite you to explore mobile technologies in our next workshop.

Want to learn about different types of mobile devices? Not sure which device will work for you? Then this workshop is for you.  There will be time for sharing and discussion and play.

mobile devices

Mobile Technology: Buying Guide to the Newest Tablets, Gadgets and Phones

PresenterJohn Sicat

Are you in the market for a new mobile device? Do you have a mobile device (Netbook/Chromebook, Smartphone, Tablet, Wearable Techs, etc.) but feel like you’re not using it to its utmost capacity? This workshop will help you turn your mobile device into your virtual assistant! Ideally, by the end of this workshop, you will understand the ins and outs of a variety of mobile devices, get a feel for what add-ons you can purchase to turn your device into a well-oiled machine (and make you look like a tech genius!), and hopefully introduce you to new useful apps you can utilize immediately!

Come with your mobile devices if you want hands-on participation. Or just join us to listen and ask all your questions if you’re just thinking of getting one. The presenter will be bringing some sample devices (old and new) for you to try out.

Date/Time: Thursday, April 17, 12:30-1:30

Location: Library 1015B DMZ

To register, or see a full list of workshops from the Library and TLTC, visit: http://purchase.libguides.com/workshops

Advance registration is encouraged but walk-ins are always welcome.


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