Faculty / Staff Workshop: Read, Write, Gold, Tuesday, April 29 @ 12:30

The Library and TLTC invite you to explore Read&Write Gold  in our next workshop.

This software ensures that every learner has the tools necessary to reach their potential, build confidence and independence, and succeed.


Read, Write, Gold

Presenter: Rebecca Oling

Meet Read&Write GOLD, an application that helps everyone read, write, and study more efficiently. Don’t have time to read that new article? Pop it into an MP3 and take it with you! Help yourself, your students, loved-ones, or colleagues who might struggle with reading, writing, or research. Available on all public lab computers, this program has a host of useful features and is even available for personal use at home—online or offline (Log in with your Purchase username at http://www.purchase.edu/rwg).

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 29, 12:30-1:30

Location: Library Assistive Technology Room

To register, or see a full list of workshops from the Library and TLTC, visit: http://purchase.libguides.com/workshops

Advance registration is encouraged but walk-ins are always welcome.


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