Wireless Printing Now Available at the Library

In response to popular demand, CTS has enabled wireless printing at the Library!  You can now print jobs from your laptop to the Reference or DMZ printers using your CTS print allocation. For instructions, see this FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/papercutwebprint

Key Points About Web Print:

  • Log in with your Purchase email password at www.purchase.edu/webprint to upload your file to the Web Print system.
  • Print remotely from anywhere in the Library using PurchaseWifi or PurchaseGuest wireless networks.
  • Works best with laptops (not compatible with tablets or smartphones).
  • Costs the same as printing from a desktop & deducts from your CTS print allocation.
  • Print Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and PDF files. The system is not compatible with JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PUB, AI, PSD files.
  • Send jobs to the Reference Xerox_BW (black & white) and Reference Xerox Color printers in the Reference Computer Commons or to the DMZ_BW (black & white) and DMZ_Color printers in the Digital Media Zone on the first floor of the library.laptop printer




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