Own Your Zone– Help Reduce Noise in the Library!

Frustrated by noise in the Library? Don’t suffer in silence! Be pro-active with new “Own Your Zone” reminder cards.

It’s 9pm and you’re doing homework in a library carrel in the Silent Study Zone when you hear someone nearby talking loudly on a cellphone. You’re annoyed by the distraction, but what can you do?  If you hear something, say something!  Use our new “Own Your Zone” cards to self-advocate and reduce noise the library.

Own Your Zone cards serve as a non-confrontational way to ask your peers to respect the study zones. Library staff regularly enforce the noise policies, but we need the help of the entire campus community to keep the Library a calm, respectful environment for all.  This is especially important at night, when fewer staff  are available.

How do Own Your Zone cards work? Own Your Zone cards can be found in holders at the Circulation and Reference Desks and in wall-mounted holders in the Silent and Quiet study areas. If someone is being too loud in a Silent or Quiet study zone, just hand them a card!  The card politely and discreetly reminds the person to quiet down and respect the study zone rules. Please return any cards you have received to the holders at Circulation or Reference so they can be reused.

Why did we make these cards?  We listened to feedback from students and staff. Noise has historically been the most frequent complaint on our biannual Library Survey.  While the Spring 2014 survey showed a drastic reduction in the number of complaints about noise compared to 2012, students and staff still felt like the Silent and Quiet Study areas were too loud, especially at night.  Comments on our survey also revealed that many students are bothered by noise but feel too shy to approach their peers and ask them to quiet down. Library staff consistently check noise levels and enforce the study zones– and we ramp up enforcement during critical times like Midterms and Finals–but we can’t be everywhere at once. We need to empower the entire Purchase community to self-advocate, self-police, and help keep the Library a calm, respectful place for everyone to study.

In short, you don’t have to suffer in silence while someone is disrupting your silent study space!  If you hear something, say something!

What if I can’t find a card/don’t want to give up my study carrel?  You can also text a librarian at (914)873-1711. Report the noise problem and tell us your location, and a staff member will come to address the issue as soon as possible.  After Text Us hours, or in the event of a delayed reply, please tell a staff member at the Reference or Circulation desk.

Here’s what they look like:





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