Avoid a Disaster. Save Your Work Often!

Be sure to save documents regularly as you work on your final papers.  It takes two seconds and will save lots of headaches and pain. You’ve worked hard on those papers! Don’t lose them.

Email to Yourself and Save to USB Drive

On the Library’s public computers, be sure to email your documents to yourself and save to a USB or thumb drive.  Saving in two places is always good practice.

Don’t Save to My Documents or Desktop

Do not save to My Documents or the Desktop and expect the file to be there when you next login.  Public computers are frequently wiped of all files.

Home Directory

If you’ve had CTS set up a home directory, then you can save to your home directory. This network space is available from all public computers only if you’ve requested it from CTS.  Here’s CTS’s directions on how to do that: https://planet.purchase.edu:8443/display/CTSKB/Web+and+File+Space+Support#WebandFileSpaceSupport-request

Emailing Files to Yourself

If you open a file from an email, be sure to save it to a better location before making changes.  If you make changes and just hit save, it saves to a temporary and inaccessible location.  You may save briefly to the Desktop or My Documents, and then attach the file to an email, and send it to yourself.


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